Demystifying IVF Myths

The world in which we live, thanks to medical advancements and modern science, is constantly coming up with new and improved ways to do just about everything. And this is great news for those needing complicated medical procedures or for couples (or individuals) trying (in vain) to procreate. IVF (in vitro fertilization) is one of the medical and scientific advancements that has helped many people realize a lifelong dream – to have children.

But with every advancement comes the naysayers and the myths. You’re bound to hear all sorts of information about IVF, whether it’s true or not. And please, do not be taken in just because you see something on the Internet. Do your own research and fact-finding before you make a decision as important as this one.

With all that said, let’s try to dispel some of IVF’s biggest myths.

IVF Didn’t Work? You Must’ve Done Something Wrong!

This is false beyond measure! Depending on your personal health circumstances and age, IVF success varies.

Want to Get Pregnant? This Special Diet Will Make It Happen

False again. The chances of your becoming pregnant do not increase through any special diet. There is no medical or scientific evidence of this. Should you try to remain as healthy as possible if you’re trying to get pregnant? Of course. But when would you ever concentrate on purposely becoming unhealthy?

IVF Can Be Assisted Through Herbal Remedies

Nope. Once again, there is simply no evidence to prove this. When it comes to fertility drugs, what kind of interaction herbal remedies have with them is a complete unknown. In fact, blood clotting is affected by some herbal remedies, so may be completely inappropriate for someone trying to get pregnant. Always check with your doctor before taking any herb if pregnancy is something you are trying to achieve.

Want to Improve Egg Quality? Try Melatonin

While this is not 100% proven, there is evidence that points to it being true, to an extent. Yes, the stuff you use to help get a restful sleep may actually reduce oxidative damage, thereby improving  egg quality.

Send in the Clowns

So stop me if you’ve heard this one: a clown walks into a recovery room… Sounds ridiculous, doesn’t it? But in reality, the joke may be on us. In Israel, a study was done involving women just receiving an embryo transfer and, immediately after, being entertained by a clown. Of over 200 women, those who were entertained were twice as likely to get pregnant. What a funny idea!

Still Looking to Get Pregnant? Try Acupuncture

We’re going to give this one a big maybe. Embryo implantation might be improved by increased blood flow – and blood flow is encouraged by undergoing acupuncture during IVF. It’s about a 50-50 divide on studies that were done, however. If you like, you could take your chances. Couldn’t hurt, right? Wait, don’t needles hurt just a little?

Your IVF Success Rate May Be Lowered by Stress

Once again, this might be true. But stress has a detrimental effect on your entire body, so it could stand to reason that stress would discourage IVF success. Why chance it? Do what you can to be as stress-free and worry-free as possible during IVF. That’s a tall order, we realize. But do what you can. Maybe acupuncture!

After an Embryo Transfer, Get Complete Bed Rest

Absolutely not. Results of another study: there was a lower success rate for women who, for the 24 hours following IVF, confined themselves to complete bed rest (compared to those who did not). After an embryo transfer, go home, relax, have a nice meal, enjoy a glass of wine – return to your normal activities.

The Success of an IVF Cycle Is Completely Out Of Your Control

While you may not have done anything wrong should your IVF not succeed, you can behave in a way that gives it a better chance. Here are some suggestions:

  • Review your health habits (drug use, alcohol consumption, herbs, supplements, medications).
  • Have the male donor’s sperm evaluated for adequacy.
  • Make sure you have enough eggs.
  • Make sure that your tubes are clear.
  • Make sure that your uterus is ready.

Now that we have dispelled several of the myths surrounding IVF, you should have a better understanding and be able to make more educated decision. And that’s a good thing, because a decision of this magnitude should be a fully informed one. If you have more questions, or are interested in IVF, contact a reputable organization today. Before you sign on the dotted line, however, look for reviews online to be sure that you’re dealing with an organization that will best meet your needs.

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