IVF Witness software

IVF Witness Software

IVF Witness Software

The Dr Suchada clinic uses new software technology is helping to reduce the risk of laboratory errors in infertility treatment, by electronically identifying the sperm, eggs, resulting embryos and other materials used in IVF treatment cycles. Using non- invasive Radio Frequency Identification (RFI), IVF witness can track a patient’s sperm, eggs and embryos during the course of treatment. If the wrong material is introduced in the laboratory environment, IVF witness alerts the staff, via visual and audible signals, to prevent the mislabeling of any materials.

While laboratory errors are very rare, the IVF witness system ensures there is no possibility of error by the use of vigilant monitoring of all work performed in the laboratory giving both infertility staff and patients peace of mind during the IVF process.

IVF Witness was developed by ResearchInstruments.Com

Watch a video about IVF Witness here:

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