The Steps of IVF Treatment

After the above pre-treatment screening IVF starts on the second day of the female’s period where she will
receive hormone medication which lasts for 10 – 14 days to stimulate egg production and during this time she will come to the hospital every few days

to have blood tests and ultrasound to check progress etc. At the end of this process the eggs are removed to be joined with the male partner’s sperm

producing an embryo which is then frozen to be placed back into the female’s womb at a later stage.

Time needed to complete this first step of IVF treatment is around 14 days.

Around 3 – 4 weeks later the best of the frozen embryos is then placed back into the female.

An ultrasound and blood test is done on the female to check that the womb is completely ready to receive the embryo.

The reason we wait a few weeks is to ensure both embryo and the womb are fully prepared to increase the chances of a successful pregnancy.

Time needed for egg implantation and womb preparation is around 5 days stay in Thailand.

The reason we wait around 1 month is that you will need to do some blood tests and medication preparation before hand to build up the lining in your uterus.

Your lining needs to be thick and strong for the transferred embryos to have the best environment possible to achieve a successful pregnancy.

Finally a blood test to confirm pregnancy is performed 2 weeks later which can be done here or in your own country.

Sr Suchada collecting eggs
Dr Suchada fertilising eggs for IVF
Dr. Suchada Mongkolchaipak
IVF injection

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